Corporate services include PR Advertising campaigns, Product Launches; Corporate Brand films, behind the scenes events and Interviews

We provide a video production service for organisations in the public and private sectors as well as small on-line business and private individuals

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We can offer a service to match your needs allowing you to promote your business, skills, experience or expertise and passion to your clients with in your Budget

Wrap It Up PR & Communications Company Promo Video

I filmed Wrap -it- up PR & Communications Company with Heritage Inc. What a difference it can make by getting proper advertising done and PR with a company who knows what they are doing. In the often fast paced world of communications and public relations, Wrap it Up PR & Communications, a small communications and public relations agency that also offers graphic design and web development services to its clients, want to slow things down. Instead we want to get to know you, your brand, why it is you do what you do and what communications and PR problems you are struggling with that we can take off your hands and solve with your input. By understanding your business, we can better share your brand story with your target market and build a deeper connection with that market, leading to more meaningful engagement. This video shows you just how we have done it for other businesses, NGOs, universities and philanthropic organisations just like yours. Frankly, we love telling stories and know how to tell it well, so whether you’re in need of an Annual Report or a magazine write-up on a new restaurant in town, connect with us at

Wildman Safaris- There’s more to explore

Wildman Safaris is a great company who will organise for you, your own personalised safari trip. Not to your commercialised game parks but to a remote place in Africa giving you the perfect adventure where you never know what you will see or experience. There is defiantly more to explore with Wildman safaris.

Filmed SACAP Matric Campaign Gap Year Video

I filmed an Advertising Campaign for SACAP College. It was a lot of fun filming with Carl Wastie, Good Hope FM DJ, as he was hilarious and made us laugh the entire shoot. We filmed in 8 different locations, Blou Berg was the most scenic with Table Mountain Cape Town in the background. It was a great experience and looking forward to the next shoot with them.

Behind The Scenes for Lisa Wagner Designs

Lisa Wagner Designs behind the scenes of her amazing creations with bridal wear and her new ready to wear collections. She provides an amazing service you won’t get anywhere else to make your own unique amazing wedding dress for your special day or fabulous clothes for every day of her ready to wear collection crafted especially for you and your taste.

Wedding Magazine English Rose Look

Filmed styled Hair & Make-up for Wedding Magazine with the top Hair stylist Errol Douglas & Make-up artist Jules Cardoz Marsh and John Nassari to produce inspiring hair &  make -up for brides to get the perfect hair & make-up for their English Rose look for their wedding day.

Just wanted to say how brilliant Mark was yesterday. He was super friendly & totally unobtrusive & he stayed far later than I’d thought he would. I hope he enjoyed himself whilst working.

- Kind regards Laura and Jamie
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